Paul Zuckermann is a Game Developer and general Media Enthusiast with experience in Production, Project Management, Game Design, Writing, Marketing and a number of other areas.  Born in Vienna, Austria, he moved to Berlin, Germany in 2010, in order to study Game Design at Mediadesign Highschool where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 2013. He spent the following years freelancing as a Designer and Producer while dabbling in entrepreneurship and the startup scene.

Paul is driven by his passion for creation and the creative process. He loves teamwork and getting things done and always brings the maximum amount of enthusiasm, whether working on a license title or the game of his dreams. He understands that as a professional, it is his job to be interested in everything and to educate himself in as many areas as possible. He makes it his business to understand what people want and how he can get them there with a combination of creativity, honesty and hard work.

Paul enjoys creativity in all shapes and forms, including (but not limited to) games, books, movies, music, art and dance. He has a faible for good stories and likes traveling, sports, meeting new people, meeting friendly animals, good cocktails, sleeping, dancing, thinking, talking, making stuff, solving problems, autumn, wind chimes, Ghost in the Shell and Depeche Mode. He considers himself to be a friendly and polite person and to be easy to get along with (unless he’s hungry. Then feed him, please.)

Paul is a freelancer available for hire and would love to hear about your project! Feel free to contact him through the ‘contact’-page and he’ll get back to you as soon as he humanly can. If you met Paul at a conference, feel free to drop him a line!