Sponsor and Partner Management for Quo Vadis Conference

In January of 2019, I was approached by Booster Space, who were at the time looking for a Fulfilment Manager to take charge of Partner and Sponsor Management at their newly acquired Quo Vadis Conference that year. Since the conference was drawing nearer and all of my suitable contacts had previous obligations or were otherwise unavailable, I offered to take the role on myself. What followed were two of the most intense and educational months of my career, wherein I helped establish new fulfilment structures within the team and coordinated numerous fulfilment-requirements for each of Quo Vadis’ numerous Sponsors and Media-, Networking- and Event Partners.

The conference, I am happy to say, was a big success. All of our Partners and Sponsors were well cared for and had a good time networking and establishing new business connections. Gamesweekberlin 2019 was the most successful gamesweek to date, a new record was set for number of attendees and I look forward to seeing it evolve even further in the future. On site I continued in my task of ensuring that all attendees were set up for a great conference. Once the conference was over, I went on to assist at gamesweek’s other numerous events such as Womenize! and GameFest.

Though this project was certainly challenging and I was able to offer lots of constructive feedback for the future, I have nothing but good things to say about the team at Booster Space and I greatly enjoyed and appreciated my time there. I learned a great deal about event management through this experience and was able to form numerous new contacts in the games industry through my work.

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