Visual Recording with Act NOW

Ever since I started working on Mayority, I have regularly attended the annual NOW Conference, an initiative for social cohesion and youth integration by Act.NOW. Every January, the NOW Conference brings together an international group of mayors, initiatives, experts, politicians and students to discuss potential projects and to further cooperation across boarders. Starting 2017, I have assisted with Visual Recording at the conference.

Visual Recording is a method used by Harald Karrer, an accomplished artist and business consultant. It constitutes, as the name suggest, a technique of capturing the essential aspects of any meeting or conference with writing and visuals alike. The idea is for people to understand the mood and result of said meeting or conference at a glance, and to be able, upon closer inspection, to look into the more detailed learnings. Since the creation of the graphics is fairly time-consuming, it has been my task since January 2017 to record, analyse and identify any and all important quotes, discussions, questions and topics spoken in the various talks, workshops and panels of the conference. I would then pass them on to Harald and together we decided on which to use in the image and how.

This process has given me a great insight into the vast array of topics addressed at Now Conference and afforded me the opportunity to combine them with my own expertese in media, design and production. As a result, it has also been possible for me, to work with Act.NOW as a media consultant. This process is still in the early stages, but I am already excited to be on board and I see many successful endeavors in the company’s future.

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