Project Manager for Stars of Icarus

In early 2014, I worked on the game Stars of Icarus with the start-up studio Crunchy Leaf Games, which you can like on Facebook, follow on Twitter and watch on IndieDB. Stars of Icarus is a rogue-like space adventure with a deep combat system and interesting narrative. The game had been on hold recently, while the developer focussed on their other project, 3030 Deathwar, but there are promising new developments that I am eager to post, once they have been made official.

My focus was on Project Management, Scrum and a bit of Marketing and I had and overall positive experience working on this project. The challenges I faced during my time with Crunchy Leaf Games consisted mostly of butting heads on certain subjects every now and then. The decision-making process had its issues, since there was a lot of emotional investment in Stars of Icarus, so I had to find new ways to compromise and communicate, which I still use today. Still, rarely have I seen so much interest in a certain subject matter and genuine passion for a project and I am eager to see how things progress in the near future.


Categories: Game Development